Wednesday, March 27, 2013


WHAT EXACTLY IS A SENSUAL MASSAGE?  I get asked this question quite a lot.
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Let me try and answer the question. The most common massage style for relaxation is Therapeutic, also known as Swedish. This involves medium pressure over the entire body. It is designed to stimulate the blood flow (like all massages do) but its main aim is to relax the client. For this reason no heavy pressure is applied at any time.

To get back to the question . I use Therapeutic touch but include SENSUAL TOUCH TECHNIQUE which I integrate throughout the hour. Sensual Touch Technique , also known as EROTIC MASSAGE, works parts of the body not included in any other massage type.  While studying the technique, I learned how important it is to work on these parts to achieve a totally satisfying massage.
Sensual Touch Technique involves light stroking and 'feathering' with finger tips. There are specific ways to do this and I have been taught how to apply it for maximum pleasure. The touching alternates between very light and medium pressure and various parts of the body are stimulated at specific times. I also alternate between Therapeutic and Sensual Touch during the entire hour. This is what makes it such a hit with all my clients.

I know once you try a sensual massage, you won't want to go back to any other modalities unless you need injuries treated, then a sports massage may be required. Having said, that. I can also do some 'target work' on areas that are tight, where stress has caused a 'knot'.
So there you have it. You can have your stiffness relieved at the same time as having the most pleasurable massage available anywhere.

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