Thursday, March 7, 2013


Hi, I'm Rik and I specialise in man to man and gay massage in Auckland (phone numbers below)
I love to massage so for this reason, I make sure I have the energy required to give a great massage to every one of my clients. If I feel tired or not energised enough, I will not accept a booking. I know how important it is to put 100% into it.

Some men have asked if I ever get bored with massaging. I always reply with an emphatic 'no'. I find it one of the most rewarding occupations there is.  To give relaxing, health promoting massages is an honour and after studying the many benefits of a massage,  I was more enthusiastic than ever about becoming a masseur specialising in both therapeutic and sensual touch massage for male clients.

I became interested in the power of touch after experiencing a man to man massage in London. The masseur went into a semi trance as his hands electrified my body for an hour of bliss. I remember the wonderful feeling of well being and satisfaction I had after the massage. As a result of this, I was inspired to learn the craft so I could pass on these same feelings to other men.

If you have not had a man to man massage from a caring, professional male massage practitioner, I encourage you to try it so you can experience the magic power of touch for yourself. 

I can be reached on 021 109 1058 and 5504287

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