Tuesday, March 5, 2013


I'm Rik Francis. I specialise in man to man sensual massage in Auckland and can be reached on 021 109 1058 and 550 4287. As part of my Body Work training, I studied the power of touch. Many experiments have been done on the way touching affects a human  (and most animals ) in a positive way. It was discovered that babies not touched during the first two years of their lives in East European orphanages, grew up to be dysfunctional. They displayed anger and aggression in their early adult lives. They also found it difficult to form any type of emotional relationship with other people. Research on some of these unfortunate people revealed they had a smaller brain from those who were touched and loved as babies. This proves that touching is vital for everybody's mental health and wellbeing. 
Touching is often associated with love. In a way, a good massage is making love to a person's body with hands. It should leave the client feeling totally relaxed and content. The rhythm and stroking involved in a therapeutic massage, combined with the 'feathering' used in the sensual touch technique produces a heightened sense of pleasure.  It is meeting the body's need for feeling good that makes a sensual touch massage so satisfying.
Timing is crucial too. It is important for a masseur to know how long to spend on each part of the body and not to spend too much time on any one area unless specific areas are being targeted to relieve knots and tightness.  A relaxing massage requires quietly working the whole body in time with the body's own rhythm. An experienced masseur knows how to do this.
For stress release and an overall feeling of wellbeing, you can't beat a good massage from a man who has the experience to provide it.

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