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Rik Francis with more history notes about massage. I'm an experienced masseur offering man to man and gay massage in Auckland 021 109 1058 and 550 4287
The Roman physician, Galen who lived between 130-201 AD wrote a number of medical and philosophical books and is regarded as one of the greatest medical historians and physicians of antiquity.
A number of Emperors in the first century AD employed him as their doctor  and at the same time,   he was a physician to the gladiators of the Circus Maximus. While there, he developed a number of massage techniques for diseases and physical injuries. For this reason, he is recognised as the originator of Sports Massage.
Galen was passionate about the profession he fine tuned and regarded it as essential in maintaining healthy muscles for gladiators and others involved in demanding physical work.
During the Dark Ages, life in Europe was deadened by conservative and repressive religious dogma. The population frowned upon any act that involved touching that felt pleasurable to the recipient. As a result, all forms of massage became unacceptable and often considered sinful.
A Swede, Pehr Heinrick Ling, is credited with re-introducing massage as a reputable manual therapy. It was during his work with athletes, specifically gymnasts, that he developed the soft tissue technique that became known as Swedish Massage. His work led to the establishment of the Royal Central Institute of Gymnastics in 1813. He is generally regarded as the ‘father of modern massage.’ because the techniques he developed are considered the foundation of all current therapeutic massage styles.
I can offer you a truly relaxing therapeutic massage. I can also include the 'sensual touch' technique that I integrate into the massage for added satisfaction and pleasure.

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