Wednesday, August 21, 2013

"Spring Special' Sensual Massage for Men

During the Dark Ages the population frowned upon any act that involved touching that felt pleasurable to the recipient. As a result, all forms of massage that had been popular with the Greeks and Romans, became unacceptable and often considered sinful.

I'm Rik Francis, experienced in man to man sensual touch and therapeutic/Swedish massage in Auckland. I can be reached on 021 109 1058 and 550 4287.

In modern times, a Swede, Pehr Heinrick Ling made massage a reputable manual therapy again. It was during his work with athletes, specifically gymnasts, that he developed the soft tissue technique that became known as Swedish Massage. His work led to the establishment of the Royal Central Institute of Gymnastics in 1813. He is generally regarded as the ‘father of modern massage.’ because the techniques he developed are considered the foundation of all current therapeutic massage styles.

I can offer you a truly relaxing therapeutic massage. I can also include the 'sensual touch' technique that I integrate throughout the full body massage for added satisfaction and pleasure. This is popular with both my gay and straight clients. 

Currently, I'm offering a reduced 'Spring Special' so it's the perfect time to see how good it feels for yourself.

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