Tuesday, April 9, 2013


When you watch a natural histoy programme on TV featuring animals in the wild, you'll notice how often they touch each other. Monkeys are particularly into fondling and preening each other. Elephants and bears also like gentle physical contact.

I'm Rik Francis an experienced masseur who has studied the art of touching. I offer man to man and gay massage in Auckland and can be reached on 021 109 1058 or 550 4287. 

Because humans have animal instincts, we also like to touch and be touched. Research into people who grew up as abandoned children in East European orphanages has shown many suffer from psychological problems. This has led medical experts to the conclusion that these unfortunate people have been deeply affected by the lack of nurturing in the first few years of their life. It's also been discovered that a percentage of criminals were also deprived of loving touch as children.

In Western society, it's frowned on for men to touch each other with affection. However, it's common to see men holding hands in Middle Eastern cities as well as places like Rome and Paris. It's also accepted in the Pacific Islands for men to hold hands as a show of friendship.
Massage is a way for men to get the touching their bodies need. The dynamics of man to man touching is different from female to male touching. It has been said that man to man touching is more satisfying and rewarding. I'm not sure why this is but I can say that most of my clients are married men who thirst to be touched by another man. 

Treat yourself to a sensual touch massage and you'll see why it has become so popular in the west over the past decade.

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