Saturday, April 13, 2013

Best Man to Man Massage

I'm Rik, specialising in man to man and gay massage in Auckland (021 109 1058 and 550 4287 are my numbers for a booking) As an experienced, certified body worker, I am able to work professionally on parts of the body that are tight or sore. With more people sitting in front of computers for hours at a time each day, it's not surprising that I have a large number of guys coming with tight backs. The stiffness is usually located between the shoulder blades. Some of them arrive complaining of lower back pain but often this is referred pain from the stiffness further up the back. 

The shoulder area is also a common place for stiffness. Calf muscles and outer thigh muscles, come in a close third for stiffness and 'knots'. I work on whatever area you might need relaxing, as this is part of a great full body massage.

I use my skills to knead the tightness and 'knots' away. You will feel this happening as the stiffness disappears. (It takes around six hours to feel the full benefits of a good massage. A great sleep is the most noticeable benefit)

Target massaging is included in my hour long full body sensual touch massages. If there are knots in the body, I'll dissolve them so a visit to me can produce three fold benefits.
1) dissolving 'knots' to remove stiffness.
2) relax the body with the therapeutic technique. This stimulates blood flow thus helping circulation.
3) providing pleasure and a feeling of well being from the sensual touch technique I have been trained in providing.

Rik 021 109 1058 and 550 4287

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