Friday, February 22, 2013

Sensual Man to Man Auckland Massage

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As an experienced masseur who offers gay massage in Auckland, I'd like to say a bit about  the atmosphere needed for a satisfying, relaxing massage.
Firstly, the room needs to be warm, not hot, but comfortably warm so that the client lying on a table naked (or maybe with a towel across the legs) is not going to feel cold at any time during the experience. During a massage, the body is relaxing to a point where it is susceptible to temperature. if the room is too hot, it is not only difficult for the masseur to do a good job because he will be sweating, but it will also mean the air gets stuffy, so a warm, not hot,  room is essential.
Music is also important, or rather the type of music played, is important. It is no good playing pop songs or anything with a fast beat as this will work against the relaxing atmosphere needed. I use music by Vivaldi and Bach as I find their pieces both pleasant to listen to and also because of the beat, it works well with the rhythm for a good massage. It should not be too loud as this will be intrusive.  I don't talk during the massage as I like to concentrate on what I'm doing and give my client 100% of my attention.
A darkened room is also required. Bright fluorescent light is a complete no/no. Many massage therapists use candles and I also find them a great source of light especially in the winter when the flame adds to the feeling of warmth.
The type of oil used is also important. I never use baby oil as this clogs the skin of an adult. it is also greasy and hard to remove after the massage. On top of this, it has a sweet smell that is not appealing to a man. I have tried massage wax, but found it dragged on the skin and was almost useless when working on a hairy body. I did some extensive research and discovered pure almond oil is the best. It has no smell. It is easy to apply and has great 'slipability' so feels great on the skin. It is also non greasy so is easy to remove at the end of the massage. It is a skin moisturiser so it has dual benefits.
To sum up.  The room should be warm and dimly lit. The music should be unobtrusive and play softly in the background. Almond oil is great on the skin and assures an excellent feel on the skin. I give my clients 100% of my attention as I get into the rhythm of a sensual, therapeutic massage to relax and satisfy my customer.

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