Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Common pain areas

I'm Rik Francis an experienced masseur specialising in gay man to man massage in Auckland contactable on  021 109 1058 and 550 4287.  Many of my clients spend long hours sitting at a computer and come to me with back pain. I usually find knots in their upper back caused by bad posture and too much sitting. A 'knot' is when the muscle tightens, a bit like making a fist from an open hand.  With the right process, it is easy to work the knot away. In fact you can feel it dissolving as I massage it away. With the knot gone, the pain and stiffness usually goes too.
Another common place for knots to occur is the side or front of the upper thigh. This can result from jogging or even too much standing, especially on a concrete floor. Again, with the right technique, it is easy to kneed these knots away to free the muscle to allow the correct blood flow to resume. This in turn, releases the pain and stiffness caused by the knot.
The third most common tight area is the calf muscle. It takes between three and five minutes of gentle stroking and rubbing to release the tightness in all these areas.
Another common pain area in the body is around the shoulders and is often caused by too much lifting or lifting something too heavy that puts stress on the muscle and tendons in the shoulder area.  Again, with the right pressure and technique, this issue can usually be quickly resolved or at least, relieved, with the massage.
Apart from the pleasure experienced with a good man to man massage, stimulating the muscles and blood flow to improve overall circulation, is the main benefit gained from this centuries old body treatment.

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