Sunday, February 24, 2013

Man to Man Massage

I'm Rik Francis and am an internationally experienced masseur specilising in man to man massage in Auckland. I can be contacted on 021 109 1058 and 550 4287.
If you are after a gay massage in Auckland you will need to make sure you have a trained masseur. This is because the way a massage is executed is really important. The correct stroking, rhythm and pressure are all crucial if the massage is to work. I find a rhythm that is in tune with the client's heartbeat and maintain this throughout the massage. The order in which it is done on the body is also important. It is never good to jump all over the place if you want to provide a pleasant, relaxing experience, which a massage is supposed to achieve. I have completed full body massages on over 1500 men in 4 countries and always make sure I have the energy to deliver the best in town. (It takes a lot of effort to do a proper massage). I read a medical report a while back that recommended a massage every two weeks to maintain good circulation and to reduce stress levels. This means that not only does a massage feel great to receive, it also provides important health benefits.

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