Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Benefits of massage

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Although I am a masseur offering gay massage in Auckland I find that a majority of my clients are married men. They tell me they enjoy the touch of another man adding the sensation is more pleasurable than a female touch. This makes sense as only a man can really appreciate how to touch another man's body. I find it is really important to get into a rhythm when massaging. There is nothing worse than constantly changing rhythm and jumping from one part of the body to another. It's important to use long strokes to work with the blood flow. A good massage should stimulate circulation and this has health benefits too as it helps the body relax. All movements should be consistent and measured.

The various pressures I use in the sensual gay massage I offer in Auckland have been specifically designed to add pleasure to my massage. I use the recognised stroke pressure for a therapeutic massage but intersperse it with 'feathering' which really stimulates all the nerve endings which in turn heightens the sensation of the massage and my hands on the body.

I work all parts of the body that a gay client would want massaged. Because the techniques I use are designed to help with the body's own rhythm, the massage not only offers health benefits but is also a pleasing, satisfying one hour treatment.

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