Thursday, May 2, 2013


Touching to relieve pain and to comfort another human, was recorded as far back as Ancient Greece.

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Hippocrates, the father of medicine, used friction in the treatment of sprains and dislocations, and kneading to treat constipation. He said, "A physician must be experienced in many things but assuredly also in rubbing." He declared all disease should be treated using natural methods—rest, healthy food, exercise, proper diet, exercise, fresh air and massage.

Asclepiades of Bithynia lived from 124BC to 44BC and was friends with such dignitaries as Cicero, Crassus and Mark Anthony. He recommended massage as a great therapy for a number of complaints and no doubt relaxed these VIPs with his hands.

The Romans were keen on massage. Those who could afford it would start by being bathed by attendants, and having any stiff muscles rubbed with warm vegetable oil. Then came a full body massage to awaken nerves, stimulate circulation and free up their joints. Finally their entire body was rubbed with very fine oil to keep their skin elastic and supple. This combination of bathing, cleaning and massage appeared in every country the Romans conquered. Julius Caesar himself was 'pinched' every day.

If massage has been around this long, there must be something in it. I've studied sensual touch technique and can offer you a very pleasurable sensual touch incorporated in the therapeutic massage you will receive. Rik 021 109 1058 and 550 4287

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